27 3 / 2014

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Get the Eleuthera Metal Corbel online at Federal Brace! We love the way it looks in this bathroom!

Thanks to Tripp Lipinski and Louis and Sons Co. for their help installing this in our remodeled employee bathroom!

Spotlight: Standard Kitchen and Bath

18 3 / 2014

Federal Brace is delighted to announce our newest dealer, Standard Kitchen & Bath Company, located in Knoxville, Tennessee! They have been serving Knoxville and the surrounding areas in East Tennessee since 1956. That’s nearly 60 years of excellence, folks! A family company, Standard Kitchen & Bath employs a longstanding and varied team that specialize in everything from designers to installers to computer specialists. Their exceptional customer service has lead to them being featured in Tennessee magazines many times, and their customers rave about the company saying that they are the best resource for remodeling in Knoxville, that their specialists are knowledgeable and highly qualified.

Photo courtesy of Standard Kitchen and Bath

They have everything for your remodeling needs - ranging from cabinetry and countertops to vanities and decorative accents, their product line is diverse and high quality. They employ the Mouser lines in cabinetry, which many of the customers laud as well-built and beautifully designed. Take a look at them for yourself at Standard Kitchen & Bath online, and for more information on our dealership program contact Federal Brace online, via email (sales@federalbrace.com), or call 877-353-8899.

Standard Kitchen & Bath

8719 Kingston Pike

Knoxville, Tennessee 37923

Phone:(865) 694-0068

Spotlight: Imported Stone

12 2 / 2014

This week, Federal Brace is shining their spotlight on a company that we’ve recently welcomed into our Dealership Program. Imported Stone, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, has a long history of offering the best possible service and the highest quality granite countertops in the business. With over 55 years of background, each of their team members is qualified and able to help customers, whether their needs be in granite, quartz, marble or beyond. Their design team aids you in picking the right choice of natural stone for your kitchen, bathroom or vanity, and then their installation team customizes it to fit your needs perfectly.

Their team works to make it all a speedy process - from the agreement, they will have it selected and fitted in your home in 1 to 3 weeks. They cover everything from the removal of old countertops and sinks, to the installation of new sinks and countertops, and disposal of old ones. Their customers rave about them - each says their experience was positive and the result was professional and beautiful!

For more information on Imported Stone or the Dealership Program contact Federal Brace online, via email at sales@federalbrace.com, or call us toll-free at 877-535-8899.

Imported Stone

3327 Scott Futrell Road

Charlotte, NC 28208

704-395-6112; sales@importedstonecharlotte.com

KBIS 2014

11 2 / 2014

Our time at KBIS is over, but we had an amazing time while we were there! Our amazing general manager, Cathy Morgan, was interviewed by both KBIS and Max from the Kitchen and Bath Channel, and you can now see that video on Kitchen and Bath Channel. Check it out!image

We enjoyed seeing so many of our distributors and customers, as well as meeting many people involved in the kitchen and bath industry. Cathy Morgan, our general manager, said “The show was a great success, filled with large crowds as in years past.  It is wonderful to hear from our customers how much they love our product and what a great solution it is.  As always, we enjoy connecting with our dealers and distributors that we work with all year long and look forward to developing new relationships with those we met this year.”   


In addition, we were proud to have one of our products up for “Best of KBIS 2014” and were elated to showcase so many of our products in our booth.image

We would like to thank all of the participants at KBIS and, more specifically, the staff at the show for an amazing time in Las Vegas. We would also like to thank our customers, distributors, and dealers for showing us your support! We can’t wait until next year!

KBIS 2014

05 2 / 2014

 Members of our Federal Brace Team have touched down in Las Vegas, Nevada for the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show of 2014. Please join us there - check out our booth, and while you’re at it, check out our product on the “Best of KBIS” board (VOTE)! We’re going to continue to update you throughout this week on our progress at the show, and give you a lovely glimpse into our fantastically put-together booth. We hope to see you at KBIS!

 Arrival in Nevada - greeted immediately by a KBIS sign!

We checked out our Ballantyne bracket on the Best of KBIS board! (Scan the QR code for more info about the product and installment! Also… vote for us to win!)

Then got to work putting up our booth! Check out how it went!

It’s fantastic to see our dealers and distributors here, and we hope to see many of our customers as it progresses. We’ll have more updates about today and tomorrow later! Vote for our product on the Best of KBIS board, and check us out at federalbrace.com!

Helping People is What it is All About

24 1 / 2014

Photo via Flickr

So what’s it like helping people develop and produce over 150,000 different custom parts?  The Federal Brace team now knows.   Since our inception in 2006, Federal Brace and her affiliated companies have helped its customers design and create over 150,000 parts!

Our web-based platform, engineering team and production partners assisted in the procurement of excellent, quality certified, custom parts to fit the needs of consumers, small business and Fortune 50 clients for the last 8 years. Our state-of-the-arts, U.S. based manufacturing facilities produced every part right here in hometowns around the United States, providing jobs for our neighbors and fellow countrymen.  This is our commitment!  

At Short Run Pro, and our brands, Federal Brace, Killarney Metals, Bison Built and Computer Bracket Solutions, we are in the business of making American jobs. We are proud that each product we offer is designed, prototyped, and created here in the United States, making more jobs within the US. Thank you so much for all of your support as we celebrate this milestone, and move on to provide continued great service to our customers and high-quality products!

Spotlight: One of a Kind Design

15 1 / 2014

Federal Brace is delighted to welcome One of a Kind Design, based out of Anchorage, Alaska, to their Dealership Program. Colony Builders, the parent company of One of a Kind Design, has 25 years of experiences in building homes and spaces that make their customers beyond happy. The company launched One of a Kind Design to bring their knowledge and excellence of service into the designing of kitchens and bathrooms.

With a showroom in Anchorage, Alaska, and superior online help, One of a Kind Design assists customers through the design process and can help with building from the ground up, or renovations. Their professional design team and staff use their vast resources to make the process enjoyable for the customer and to produce an exceptional finished product. One of a Kind Design’s vendors include Diamond Cabinets®, Kentwood Flooring®, and most recently Federal Brace®, among many others! Federal Brace is excited to work with them, and wishes them great prosperity in the future!

One of a Kind Design

1601 East Abbott Rd, Suite 100

Anchorage, Alaska 99507


T: 907-522-7350

Happy New Year 2014!

01 1 / 2014

Every year we celebrate the new year with toasts to good health, watching the ball drop, and metaphorically sweeping out the old as the new is swept in. Celebrations of the new year didn’t begin with Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest’s crowded New York City Times Square hubbub. It even out dates the Gregorian calendar, going back to the Roman’s Janus, the god of gates and new beginnings. The Romans marked the turn of their Julian calendar with a feast for Janus, whose name was later used to form the name for the beginning of the Gregorian calendar - January. In a long tradition of turning pagan festivals into Christian celebrations, Pope Gregory declared that the first day of the new year would be a feast in commemoration of the Christ child’s circumcision, which would historically occur on the eighth day of a Hebrew boy baby’s life. (January 1st is exactly 8 days after Christmas, on December 25th.)

Over time, as the Roman Catholic Church took over the majority of the known world, this morphed into a very widely-spread celebration, and today is celebrated in every time zone with fireworks and cheers.Though we’ve certainly steered away from the entire population celebrating the circumcision of a child, we still celebrate the new year as a time of new life and new opportunity. So, here’s to 2014 being a year of prosperity, rebirth and success in all areas of your life. May you keep the good of 2013, and expound upon it. May you toss out the bad, and rejuvenate the ‘old’ areas of your life. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Kitchens of Christmas: Modern

20 12 / 2013

We’re presently 5 days from Christmas, so we’re gonna be jamming in a few more Christmas Kitchens, and the next is…. (drum roll, please)… The Modern! We went from the heavy timber of the rustic kitchens to the crisp and clean lines of the modern styled kitchen.

Modern kitchens are all about sleekness. They are often in chic palette of grey, black and white. Some of the most modern looking kitchens almost resemble a hospital setting with the amount of white that is involved. Overall these colors combine to create a very stark minimalist look that is very trendy right now.


Image Courtesy of Nouvelle

The cabinet surfaces are often darker than the countertops which could be a light granite, like the one above, or marble. Occasionally these kitchens will have stainless steel countertops, which really become a “wow” factor when paired with dark black cabinets and other stainless steel appliances. The natural choice for high-quality cabinetry is clean cut stained wood with stainless steel handles, as modern kitchens typically have flat surfaces all-around.


Image Courtesy of Homeize

As mentioned before, stainless steel fixtures and appliances are preferred, and most modern kitchens include both under-cabinet lighting as well as overhead recessed lights. While islands are possibly included, many kitchens will just have a large bar (see above) to separate them from the dining area. If the island is included it is typically not used for seating purposes, unlike the rustic kitchen. Instead this area is largely used for food preparation as well as cabinet storage.


Image Courtesy of Kagozi

As in all three images in this sequence, modern kitchens will often have some sort of plant-like decor to bring both life and interest into the very minimalist kitchen. For more information on modern kitchens contact Federal Brace at 877-353-8899 or email sales@federalbrace.com.

12 Kitchens of Christmas: Rustic

14 12 / 2013

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to meeeeee…. 12 rustic cabinets, 11 iron knobs, 10 granite countertops, 9 hanging lights, 8 natural wood bar stools, 7 large pieces of timber, 6 tons of rocks, 5 PINTEREST IDEAAASSSS, 4 large windows, 3 hidden appliances, 2 natural stone sinks, and a massive island with a wood chopping area!

All of the above details are staples of our first kitchen: The Rustic. (I can almost hear the yule log and chestnuts roasting… on a range fire… That’s not quite as romantic as it sounded in my head - and three times more dangerous.) Rustic kitchens are made to look just that - rustic. That’s not to say that they don’t have all the modern amenities of any other kitchen or home, in fact, many of these kitchens have amenities you can’t even see! I’m not joking… hidden refrigerators and freezers are often used in order to maintain the continuity of the wooden cabinets. And they do it quite well! See if you can spot the freezer and fridge here (hint: it’s in the right hand corner of the kitchen)!

Image Courtesy of 702 Hollywood

Often these kitchens will have plank or stone flooring, and will occasionally (as seen above) have stone elements on the walls. The prevalence of kitchen islands in these kitchens is almost astonishing, nearly every kitchen has them, though they are supremely useful! These islands are generally accompanied by bar stools or chairs that fit in with the decor, and are made of either wood or leather and wrought iron. 

Image Courtesy of Ideas Home Design

Several of these kitchens feature large timbers as roof support, which adds to the overall rustic feel. Granite or natural stone countertops are prefered, and while most kitchens use polished or glossy granite, it is entirely possible to rock the natural stone granite in this sort of kitchen. As far as lighting goes, hanging lights, whether chandeliers, pendants, or others, are all the rage, but make sure that you include large windows to let in lots of natural light. image

Image Courtesy of Harvest Furniture

Last, but not least, often these kitchens will have large sinks (mostly unseparated), and while some are made of stone or metal (again to retain the continuity of the design), others are simply white.

Image Courtesy of Modern Kitchen Ideas

For additional information on the 12 Kitchens of Christmas, or other decor ideas, visit us at Federal Brace, call toll free (877.353.8899) or shoot us an email at sales@federalbrace.com.